Bible Reading Plans

In 2019, I started on my journey to read the whole Bible.  I had attempted to do this, time and time again, and could never finish it.  I never made it out of the first five books or the four gospels.  But in February 2020, I accomplished it.  What was different this time?  I read the Bible chronologically.  That’s right.  Most of our Bibles are not in date order.  So it makes it challenging to read.

I also feel like there has been so much pressure on us to read our whole Bible in one year.  When you break that up, it can sometimes be 3-4 chapters a day, and some of those chapters are long!  And many times, you can’t even remember what you read, and it becomes more of a task to be sure you didn’t fall behind.

I wanted to help more people read through the Bible themselves and understand what they are reading.  So I started creating Bible Reading and Studying Plans that will help you build the daily habit of reading your Bible and also help you be diligent in studying to accurately handle the Word of Truth.