I love all things money and budgeting.  It is something that I have been doing since I was 14 years old, and a family member asked me to do the bookkeeping for their small business.  It’s a love that grew when I took my first job at the Social Security Administration and saw that we couldn’t depend on the government to fund our retirement or help our disabled.  And it’s a passion I kept up when I moved into banking and learned all about checking and savings accounts, home loans, HELOC loans, auto loans, and helping clients facing fraud, medical hardships, bankruptcy, foreclosure, or loss mitigation.

My dream has always been to teach others financial literacy and grow our financial knowledge to build generational wealth and legacy.  Throughout my dozen-plus years in the industry, along with my understanding of the Bible, I take the biblical approach to handling our finances.  Combining that with my love for planning and organization, I’ve created tools, products, and resources that you can use to help your family.