Welcome to Tanisha Rhenae Consulting!
TRC is the first business branch launched from Rendel and Rhenae Management, LLC, a business started by husband and wife duo, Chris, a master supervisor at all things logistics and supply, and Tanisha, a multi-passionate, analytical planner who loves reading!

Welcome to Tanisha Rhenae Consulting!

At TRC, we help you find the harmony between keeping your faith and home a priority while managing your careers, business, and hobbies using tools like planning, organizing, and budgeting.​

Areas we will be focusing on:

About Tanisha Rhenae

Hey! Tanisha here!  I believe that our financial habits are a small part of our life, and since I have multiple passions, I realized I wanted to help my clients in other ways as well.  After all, you can’t get your financial house in order unless you find harmony amongst all the responsibilities you have in your life.  

In addition to helping clients specifically with their finances,  I also make it a priority to help you find ways to keep your faith, home life, and self priority while you start and build businesses or careers.  I focus on providing you with planning, organization, and budgeting resources to do that.

Featured Products & Services

Learn some of my most effective techniques right at home.

Build Generational Wealth

Use these tools to build generational wealth and a lasting legacy for you and your family!

Bible Reading Plans

Want to read the bible cover to cover? Check these out!

Mornings/ Evenings with Jesus

Struggling with prayer? These resources can help!

Ministry/Business Meeting's With Jesus

Need some help organizing your big idea? Me too! These help!

My latest resource

Weekly Bible Study

Naturally, I am not an organized person.  But I learned early that if I wanted to get things done and know what I did, I had to have some organization in my life. 

After creating and using these templates for myself and hearing that others often have the same needs, I decided to offer them here on the site!